Here is where you can track down all the wagon’s activities, wherever in the world they will be. You are invited to hop on board any at time.




 "And this vessel  will be naked for all to see, showing nothing but the flesh and bones of its artistic truth, being dressed and reconfigured with the imaginations of the different practices and ideas being enacted;  it will lift us all off the grounds allowing the vibrant imaginations to fly freely through the airs defying gravitational borders." -Assem Bazzi


+Wagoner Diaries

a blog dedicated to the personal writings, artworks, and other posts of our members,which will expand on the diversity of entwining interests involved in this project.

an online forum for suggestions and interchange.


instructions, lists of materials, and support for building your own personal wagon that can also become part of this project.


member login page and profile to promote exposure and dialogue.